Amazon Photography Packages

High quality product photography for your Amazon shopfront.

It’s crucial for startup businesses to get the imagery for their products spot on, especially for their Amazon listing where they will be viewed amongst their peers.

With this in mind we put together a package that provides the essential images to connect with and impress potential customers.

Our experienced team takes the time to ensure that your products are photographed perfectly, whilst being cost effective. We take pride in working closely with all of our clients to assure that you are 100% satisfied with your product photography, every step of the way.

Amazon product photography studies have shown that having high-quality imagery alone can increase sales by 50%.  

Let us be your creative visual partner.

Please note that location fees and model fees are not included.

Examples of what is included in the packages:

Hero Image

Give your customers a great first look. This is the first image that your clients will see on Amazon.

Product Photos

Show off your products from different angles.


Showcase your products in a lifestyle setting. Help your customers visualise your product in their homes.


Highlight the features of your product. We offer simple infographics in our Starter package and advanced infographics from Premium to Professional.

Detail Photos

Share the important details and fine craftsmanship of your products.

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What do we mean when we say … ?


Like any industry, product photography is full of specialised language. We know this can be confusing so we have a visual glossary to bring you up to speed. We are happy to chat to help clarify further, so if you’re unsure don’t hesitate to give us a call.



Creative means we have crafted light, textures and colours to showcase your product.

Clipping Paths

Clipping paths enable your products overlay different texture backgrounds or text within print desktop publishing.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadows appear underneath products to provide depth.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequins allow you to display the shape and depth of your wearables. 

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation involves adding additional splashes, creative backgrounds or cleaning up small imperfections.


An infographic allows you to visually share product details. Overlays of detailed images and text provide accessible information to buyers.


Layflat shows a clothing product lying flat on a surface, rather than on a form. Layflat displays the product in its entirety as well as some details.


Lifestyle photography displays your product’s functional side, commonly involving models or props.


A packshot is a photograph of your product’s components, showing exactly what it looks like. 

Packshot Express

A packshot express is a straight-on shot of your product box with no internal components. An excellent way to display your box design.


Adding a reflection gives the product a small mirror image beneath. This fills white space and makes the product appear more attractive.

Transparent Background

A transparent background is an image with just your product. This is easier to manage than a clipping path, allowing your product to float in front of any background you like.

Amazon essential photography packages for your Amazon business.

We understand startup businesses and the importance of “getting it right” for your Amazon listing. We have put together a package that gives you the essential starter pack of images to connect your products, to your customers. We take pride in working closely with all of our clients to assure that you are 100% satisfied with your product photography, every step of the way.

What is included in the startup pack?

  • 1 hero image on a pure white background
  • 3 product photos displaying the product from different angles
  • 3 detail photos of specific product features
  • 1 simple infographic including either measurements or features
  • 1 simple studio lifestyle shot


Please note that location fees and model fees are not included.


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